Terms & Conditions

Payment can be made by credit/debit card, cheque, BACS or cash.
25% non-refundable deposit on booking.
We request that payment in full is made on arrival.
For bookings made within 14 days of commencement we will request payment to be made in full.

When a booking is made it is on the understanding that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of business. Bookings can be confirmed by email or in writing.

If the Fisheries Manager deems fishing from a boat to be unsafe due to extreme weather conditions beyond their control and calls a complete halt to boat fishing; then a Full refund for that day will be given or an alternative date offered, whichever is acceptable to the guest.

If the guest chooses not to fish from a boat due to bad weather but still fishes the Estate waters from the bank then they will not be entitled to a refund if requested for that day.

If a guest wishes to cancel a booking a minimum of 14 days’ notice needs to be given by email or letter. A refund less deposit will then be given, or an alternative date offered.

When an Alternative booking is made, it must be within a 12 month period.

If a cancellation is made with less than 14 days’ notice then only an alternative date will be offered.

When a refund is given due to a cancellation by the fisheries Manager, the liability will only extend to the value of that days missed fishing.
The information on this website (www.southuistfishing.com) is reviewed and kept up to date on a regular basis; however, some changes may occur. No liability can be accepted for any errors, omissions, or deletions.

Health & Safety:
Your safety and that of other members of your party is always our primary concern.
Risk assessments are carried out annually.

If the guest does not adhere to the Health & Safety Policy and fails to wear the appropriate safety equipment provided by Stòras Uibhist and puts themselves or others at risk they will be asked to cease fishing. No refunds will be applicable in these circumstances.

If a guest, in the opinion of the Stòras Uibhist staff member or Ghillie, behaves in an abusive or inappropriate manner, OR is not fit to participate due to the effects of alcohol, drugs, medication, they will be asked to cease fishing, No refund will be given.

If a guest has a medical condition which may be a factor or is relevant to the activities that will be undertaken when fly fishing, it must be disclosed to Stòras Uibhist prior to the confirmation of the booking. For example heart condition, respiratory/asthma, sight or hearing deficiencies, allergies and mobility difficulties.

We take our responsibility for your wellbeing very seriously, and in the event of an emergency we need to be well informed in order to act correctly.

All those using boats should wear a lifejacket. These are obtainable from the Stòras Uibhist office in Daliburgh, or fishing manager John Steele. Please telephone the office on 01878 700101.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with these health & safety documents:

Gyrodactylus Salaris Declaration & Health & Safety Policy 2020

Your Rights:
Your statutory rights are not affected by anything contained within these conditions.