Welcome to South Uist Fishing

Come and join us in the stunning Uists for some of the finest wild game trout and salmon fishing in Europe. A lace-work of lochs is surrounded by unrivalled machair on the west coast, with miles of brilliant silver sand beaches, leading to wildflower-filled corn fields and isolated glens and hills in the east.

The unique shell sand alkaline machair lochs on the West side create the ideal growing conditions for our quality brown trout and sea trout which are universally regarded as some of the best fishing you can experience.

In contrast, the middle and East coast of the Islands have a rugged peaceful beauty of moor and hills leading to sheltered skerries, perfect for wild brown trout. The peaty and acidic moorland hill lochs, lower in nutrients, cultivate a smaller but sportier fish. The hard won fish in the hills of South Uist are a challenge for even the experienced angler.

The sea trout lochs of South Uist offer an excellent opportunity to catch salmon as well as sea trout as the Hebridean salmon will readily take a sea trout fly. Salmon and sea trout of up to 10lbs are caught regularly.

The burns and lochs are not stocked and the lack of fish farms in the western watershed of the islands has kept the gene pool pure. According to local rumour, that the gene pool is so pure it can be traced back to the ice age.

With 15% of the UK freshwater surface area on the Islands, there is plenty of choice for the keen fly fisherman, from sandy machair lochs to peaty hill lochs an hours walk into the stunning hills on the East side. South Uist Fishing welcomes and caters for all levels of fly fishing ability, from beginner who would like a bit of extra help and support to the seasoned fisherman.